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About Athletic Quest

ATHLETIC QUEST® is a group of current and former College Coaches that scout, evaluate and work with serious high school athletes to attain athletic scholarships that want legitimate college sports recruiting opportunities.

We have had 100% of the athletes that work with us receive multiple college sports recruitment opportunities.

ATHLETIC QUEST® is the only sports recruiting organization in the entire country that has been conceived, built and is operated exclusively by College Coaches.

Who knows more about sport recruiting than a College Coach? A TEAM OF FORMER COLLEGE COACHES . . . . .  That's the power of ATHLETIC QUEST®.

Our Coaching Staff

ATHLETIC QUEST® is an entire team of College Coaches.

All of our COLLEGE RECRUITERS have had college playing or recruiting experience just to be allowed to visit with a family and teach them more about the college sports recruiting process.

Our MENTORING COACHES are all FORMER COLLEGE COACHES. That is the AQ® difference.

NO ONE can work with a high school student athlete in the ATHLETIC QUEST® System or be a mentoring coach unless they have been a College Coach.

Our staff of former College Coaches have worked at every level of College Competition from NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA to Junior College. Our College Coaches average time working in the college ranks is 8 years. Collectively, we have over two centuries of College Coaching Experience!

We have hundreds of years of combined college coaching experience and collected our diverse backgrounds and expertise into a formidable team to help you navigate through the entire sports recruiting process.

Our College Coach Mentors conduct regular game planning sessions with each individual athlete. We strategize to help provide you the best possible course to follow. Every athlete's road map is based on where you are in the sports recruiting process. Need help traveling the recruiting road...


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