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RULE #6: If you want to play, there is a way.

Everyone knows about NCAA Division 1 colleges. We see their games on T.V. and in the papers. From August to April you will see 20-30 games of NCAA 1 Football and Basketball. FACT: Less than 1 of 100 H.S. senior athletes will get to play NCAA 1 sports. Be realistic and be open minded. There are hundreds of great colleges all over the country. We can help you find quality college options.


"THE BEST RECRUITING ORGANIZATION OUT THERE! I literally review dozens of sports recruiting services annually and keep files on them. The majority has relatively little use in the real world of athletics and are little more than scams. This is NOT a scam. Athletic Quest can take any athlete from high school sports to college competition IF they follow this game plan through their high school career. The most important and essential tools available for preparing a high-school athlete in their quest for success to the next level. I highly recommend this organization."

Jeff Arbogast
President of the NHSCA (National High School Coaches Association)

"JUST TO LET YOU KNOW HOW PERSONALLY IMPRESSED I AM WITH ATHLETIC QUEST. As both a former head college coach as well as a sports parent myself, I know how difficult it can be to match graduating high school athletes with the best colleges for their academic and athletic needs. As you know, there are competing companies that try and match what ATHLETIC QUEST does, but clearly this company is the leader in the field!"

Rick Wolff
Host, "The Sports Edge," WFAN Radio, New York City SPORTS ILLUSTRATED "Good Sports" Writer

"I AM SO HAPPY TO RECOMMEND ATHLETIC QUEST. My son knew that he wanted to play college lacrosse but had no clue where to start the process. Within one week of talking with AQ, he started to get responses from College Coaches. Within a week he had heard from 10-15 schools. Within a month, he was so inundated with calls, that he was not sure how to narrow the search. Once again, AQ was right there to give him the guidance he needed. The thing I like most about AQ is that it puts all of the cards in your hands. You are the one that has to do the work and put forth the effort for the program to be effective, but AQ is right there guiding you. I like the fact that my son was made responsible to do the legwork and held accountable. He will now be playing Lacrosse in college. I know my son has learned a lot of things from this process that will help him to be a successful College Student Athlete and adult."

Debbie Hemingway
Mother of Reagan Bushnell - LACROSSE - West Jordan H.S. HOWARD COLLEGE

"THESE COLLEGE COACHES ARE AMAZING! Coming out of high school I was a First Team All-State football player and an All Region MVP. I thought schools would be lining up to sign me, I was wrong. Come one month before signing day I had heard from maybe three schools, none that were all that interested in me. About that same time I learned about ATHLETIC QUEST. AQ has not only met my expectations, but also greatly exceeded them. They are the reason I am playing college football. Within 2 weeks of starting the program I had 25+ schools asking me to play for them. All the schools had something that I was interested in. As well as finding me somewhere to play AQ also saved me lots of money. They enlightened my eyes to the hidden money that was so easy to get. Between scholarships, grants, and financial aid, I am hardly paying anything to go to school. Their program was easily worth every penny!"

Troy Bunting High School Senior

"EVERY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO THESE TOOLS to assist them for college preparation. The Athletic Quest Team is excellent!"

Coach Steve Cramblitt
Head Baseball Coach - Juan Diego Catholic H.S. *National Coach of the Year - BASEBALL *12 State Baseball Championships in 16 Years

"I HAD NO IDEA THAT ONE PHONE CALL WAS GOING TO CHANGE THE REST OF MY LIFE. I am a Senior basketball player at Victoria Memorial HS in Texas. This year my basketball season didn't go as well as I had planned. I thought my dreams of playing college basketball were over. Then, while I was visiting with my former Coach Jan Lahodny, she got a phone call from ATHLETIC QUEST. I told them my story. My Dad and I signed up to work with Athletic Quest that week. AQ has given me so much help. They taught me important details about the college recruiting process and what level I had a chance to play at. They taught me how to raise my GPA, helped me with the ACT's, SAT's and how to work on my game. Even though it was late in the school year, I managed to buckle down and find a great fit and college to play for with their help. I would recommend ATHLETIC QUEST to anyone who has the dream, desire and the determination that it takes to play at the college level.

Kat Munoz, Victoria Memorial H.S

"A DIFFERENCE MAKER! There is no question that Athletic Quest opens more doors for any high school athlete preparing to play college athletics. More importantly, it opened my eyes to the dozens of additional college opportunities that I never would have known about. Thank You!"

Kim Zollinger
Fort Hayes State University - NCAA Division II athlete - VOLLEYBALL

"I COULDN'T BELIEVE HOW EASY THIS WAS TO USE and how quickly I was able to find dozens of potential colleges at the touch of a button. Before, I was waiting around hoping to get a call from a college. Since using the Athletic Quest tools and marketing myself, I have gotten more than twenty potential colleges to call me back and now I have legitimate opportunities to play in college. It is worth every penny. Thanks!"

Steve Elmore Boston, MA. High School Senior

"SIMPLY THE BEST! My senior year I was the MVP in the state and on the All State Team. I still needed help in finding the college that fit best for me. My parents and I considered numerous sports recruiting services and we were even using a competitor´s sports recruiting service. We found it to be antiquated and ineffective compared to what Athletic Quest provides. What took me 2 months of work to do with the other service I can do in only 20 minutes with Athletic Quest. Now I am playing NCAA Division I soccer. Thank You!"

Austin Bingham
State Soccer MVP NCAA Division I Scholarship Athlete - SOCCER

"I AM AN NCAA DIVISION 1 BASKETBALL REFEREE and a Baseball Umpire. I see college sports and high school sports from all perspectives and at all levels of competition. I wanted to tell you that Athletic Quest is the most well thought out and complete college recruiting organizations out there. I am the father of 6, and my oldest son, Preston has ambitions to become a two sport collegiate player. Athletic Quest has been ideal for keeping us focused and motivated in Preston reaching his goals while effectively channeling the information and communication to his interested colleges. A realistic and highly effective program. Thank you truly, for providing the tools that make a real difference!"

Pete Kafka
NCAA Division l Referee and Parent of H.S. Athlete

"THE BEST COLLEGE RECRUITING RESOURCE! I have spent eight years as a Division I coach, five of those years in the PAC-12 conference. If this Sports recruiting system had been available to student athletes at that time, it would have made the college recruiting experience an easier process for all involved. Athletic Quest should be used by any student who wants to be recruited or is being recruited."

George Libbon
College Athletic Director - NWAACC
Former PAC-12 Basketball Coach

"LONG OVERDUE! I have been coaching at the junior college level for the past 10 years. I have spent a lot of time with parents, student athletes and coaches in the sports recruiting jungle from both sides of the process, both in sports recruiting prospective student athletes to our school and helping our young men move on to the four year level. A great road map to help you get on the right track to be a student athlete at the collegiate level. Athletic Quest will help you understand the process and make one of your most important life decisions with intelligence and confidence."

David Abderhalden
Head Men's Basketball Coach, Chemeketa Community College, NWAAC Champions

"WHAT A GREAT RESOURCE FOR PLAYERS AND COACHES. As a current high school coach and former college coach of 8 years, this has really helped to take the stress out of trying to find athletes a place to play... Powerful!"

Quincy Lewis
Head Basketball Coach Lone Peak H.S. - 7x State Basketball Champions

"IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT OUR BASKETBALL TEAM HAS WON BACK TO BACK NORTH DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS! We have used Athletic Quest for both incoming high school recruits and for outgoing JC sophomores. The ability to research and reach so many athletes and schools at the touch of the mouse pad is such a great resource."

Coach Peter Stewart
Head Men's Basketball Coach, Peninsula Junior College

"OUTSTANDING! This program should be utilized as an in-school class for athletes! As a former athlete and coach, as well as a current high school administrator, I only wish I had access to this information sooner! Athletic Quest has taken college sports recruiting and has broken it down into a step-by-step game plan for athletes and their coaches that will help them realize their dreams!"

Michael Hughes
High School Administrator - Jordan School District & National Author of "There is Life After Graduation"

"I JUST WANTED TO PLAY IN COLLEGE AND NOW I AM THANKS TO YOU! I come from a small rural town and no colleges even knew I was on the radar. I will be playing basketball for a college starting in the fall and I would not have even known about them without ATHLETIC QUEST. I just wanted to say thank you!"

Tiffany Powell, Bear River H.S.
BASKETBALL Blue Mountain Community College

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